Team Building/Incentive

Team Building/Incentive

 Team Building

The result of any good team building event is increased motivation and productivity. However, choosing the improper venue can spoil even the best intentions. Ensure that your event is both impactful and memorable by choosing the best location.

aking your goals into account will often shape your venue choice. For example, to build better communication, it is useful to have meeting space conducive to presentations and taking questions. If your event focus is to have fun and build morale, then the location will have to be built to accommodate the extra noise or space for activities. At MICE xperience we can provide you with a carefully selected list of venues, outdoor or indoor (or both) and with a venue advisory service. MICExperience is your ultimate resource for trusted, flexible and fast team building events.


The trick for picking the perfect destination (and venue) for an incentive isn’t a trick at all. Getting the right solution is about approaching the incentive methodically and practically, while still being open to options. Whether for a large or a small group of people, whatever the type of incentive planned – active outdoor, spa/health experience, art & culture – the venue needs to suit the activities on the incentive itinerary.

Safety, proximity, logistics are usual concerns when planning an incentive travel. Apulia can meet them all and offer very memorable “once in a lifetime” attendee experiences that are very desirable.

Pacchetto min 20 persone/min. 2 notti
Pernottamento (2 notti) in camera doppia standard con prima colazione 150,00 euro/persona
Degustazione di vino in cantina

degustazione di 3 vini (bianco, rosso, dolce) con 4 stuzzichini

20,00 euro/persona
Cena con Cooking Class (giorno n°1) con grembiolini e cappelini in dotazione

antipasto, primo, secondo, dessert, 1/2 bottiglia di vino, caffè, rosolio, acqua/bevande (soft drink)

70,00 euro/persona
Attività Team Building (giorno n°2) 

e-bike tour di 3 ore con fermata per degustazione di prodotti tipici locali

50,00 euro/persona
Suppl. camera dus con prima colazione 40,00 euro
Suppl. notte in camera doppia con prima colazione 70,00 euro/pers.